“We are the ‘people people’ connecting and engaging stakeholders… after all, every development is someone’s backyard.”

The smart way to secure permits

PermittingPartners provides clients with specialized services to secure essential permits for strategic economic development opportunities. Simply put, we are the “people people.” We connect and engage with a variety of community stakeholders whose cooperation is critical to our clients’ success.

In the permitting process, everything is local – and so are we. PermittingPartners has a national network of talented Team Leads trained to act as the links between communities and our clients. Our people-to-people approach builds open and trusting partnerships with community stakeholders and delivers a key cornerstone to acceptable outcomes.

Skeptics and critics are not unusual when business and economic development plans are announced. Engaging communities well in advance of any potential for misunderstanding or confusion is the smart way to do business. In fact, we believe it’s the only way to do business – after all, every development is in someone’s backyard.

PermittingPartners is there at the outset – before the start of the formal permitting process – to educate local citizens about our client’s project and gain an understanding of each community’s unique needs. Our results provide a shorter and smoother path in getting to “yes.”