Getting to “yes”

PermittingPartners offers clients the capabilities necessary to establish meaningful relationships with local opinion leaders, community groups and other influential parties. We cultivate relationships, which allows us to design and implement creative strategies to nurture positive public attitudes. We create workable solutions to the project problems and community concerns that may surface during both the siting and/or permitting processes.

Permitting Partners’ services include:

    • Stakeholder Mapping
      PermittingPartners begins every permitting project with a process called “stakeholder mapping.” Through the process we identify individuals and organizations within the community that are key to the permitting process; meet with them to gauge their opinions and attitudes; and identify a spectrum of positive, neutral and negative positions. This work provides a critical knowledge baseline for use in the decision-making process, enabling us to act quickly to address stakeholder concerns.

    • Strategic Planning
      PermittingPartners helps clients set strategic communications goals, identify target audiences, diagnose problem areas, develop messages, identify critical next steps and resource requirements, and define successful results. The plan includes comprehensive communications strategies to create, foster and strengthen an atmosphere that promotes favorable public opinion, support for key initiatives, positive media coverage, and increased visibility and advanced education among vital audiences.

    • Coalition Building & Ally Development
      PermittingPartners works with clients to identify appropriate third-party advocates, allies and other supporters in a community. This allows our clients to better communicate with target audiences, influence decision makers and continue to educate the community. We manage and coordinate grassroots and grasstops campaigns, blending the power of advocates into coalitions that can be leveraged to support both our clients’ goals and community concerns.

    • Government Affairs
      PermittingPartners helps clients navigate legislative and regulatory challenges and adjust to an ever-changing political landscape. Our professionals have extensive political experience and relationships at the national, state and local levels. We understand the complexities of communicating in a political and regulatory environment. We have created and managed strategic government affairs campaigns, successfully developing beneficial relationships with government officials and fostering environments more favorable to our clients’ goals.

    • Public Relations
      Whether a client seeks to improve media coverage or advance education among local citizens about its work, our experienced professionals are on hand to develop tailored, comprehensive public relations programs. We use a wide range of media and communications strategies and tactics, including social media tools and monitoring.

  • Event/Meeting Planning
    PermittingPartners works with clients to produce memorable events that generate maximum visibility, and vividly communicate and advance their messages and goals. Our professionals coordinate the logistical and technical aspects of the events, such as video production, satellite tours, webcasts and broadcasts and photo opportunities.

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